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The ankle is composed of the tibia and fibula of your lower leg, plus their interactions with the talus, or heel bone. This hinge joint gives your foot the ability to move up and down, called plantar flexion and dorsiflexion, respectively. Despite the simplicity of this joint, impairment of it may affect pressure distribution, musculature stress, gait function, and foot comfort.

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Ankle Conditions We Treat

  • Fractures

    The most common cause of ankle fractures is over-use, resulting in stress fractures. While many fractures heal on their own, proper evaluation is necessary to pick the optimal immobilizer, stabilizer, and recovery plan. Did a hard impact cause your broken ankle? We know how to treat that, too.

  • Sprains

    You’ve rolled your ankle. Ouch; now what? Sprains are the result of over-stretched ligaments. They can cause tears, ruptures, and, most noticeably, pain. Serious sprains may require crutches, physical therapy, or even surgery. Our team can evaluate your sprain, and deliver the exact care you need to heal.

  • Achilles tendonitis

    Achilles tendonitis describes the common inflammation of the large tendon that runs down the back of your lower leg. It becomes irritated and swollen, causing pain. Because the potential triggers for Achilles tendonitis are numerous, it can be difficult to determine the source of your condition. You might not know how to prevent future flare-ups; that’s where we come in.

  • Arthritis

    Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint. Symptoms include joint pain and stiffness, and it’s most common in older patients, athletes, and those genetically predisposed to it. Arthritic damage that is already done cannot be reversed, but our treatments will prevent progression and remedy your pain.

Treatments for Ankle Conditions

Treatments for ankle conditions vary from minimally invasive to surgical. Our team will help decide which is right for you.

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Wearable Devices

We’re here to help your body heal. After fractures and sprains, your stability and mobility may be affected. Sometimes this just requires a brace, and other times, you may find yourself on crutches. An evaluation at our clinic allows for proper immobilizer and stabilizer selection, to keep you on your feet.

Regenerative Injections

Dr. Nik’s Foot & Ankle Clinic proudly administers innovative healing methods, including the regenerative medicine techniques of stem cell treatment and platelet-rich plasma therapy. Both procedures involve concentrating the best healing molecules in your body and transferring them to where you need remediation.


There’s a lot of over-the-counter pain medicines. Despite the overwhelming amount of options, your aching may not be alleviated by any of them. Our team can prescribe pain medications and pharmaceutical strategies that work to effectively relieve your chronic discomfort.


In severe cases, your ankle may require surgical intervention to restore its original function. While invasive measures are a last resort, Dr. Nik makes them as painless as possible. We emphasize effective treatments with quick recoveries. You’ll be back on your feet before you know it.

Why Choose Dr. Nik?

Dr. Nik’s specializes in performing both clinical and surgical procedures. We’re at the forefront of treating bone, muscle, and joint disorders. Although 75% of people in the United States face ankle and foot pain at some point in their lives, it’s not normal. Any condition can be resolved, because you shouldn’t have to live with discomfort.

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Our Podiatry Services

Dr. Nik’s strives to deliver the finest, most cost effective podiatric health care available. If ankle treatments and surgery aren’t quite what you need, don’t worry: we do more.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

If you require foot and ankle intervention, our team will help you get up and running again with the best in surgical techniques and technology.

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Sports Medicine

For athletes, we prioritize a preventative approach to limit future injuries and shorten recovery, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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Regenerative Medicine

We seek to minimize your recovery time by optimizing the body’s natural healing process, to get you back to your regular routine sooner.

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Laser Treatment

Traditional methods of treating foot fungus, warts, fibromas, and neuromas don’t work for everyone. Our laser treatment eliminates growths without harming surrounding tissue.

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Custom Orthotics

We pride ourselves in crafting only the best custom orthotics for our patients. Go about your day in comfort as you wear your way to better orthopedic health.

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Diabetic Foot Wound Care

For those with diabetes, we work alongside your internal medicine doctors and endocrinologists to craft a patient care plan that is right for you.

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General Podiatry

Podiatry is a wide field that encompasses a range of disorders. We’re here to help, even if your pain doesn’t have a name yet.

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