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How many steps do you walk a day? The average person takes approximately 6,000. For some, that’s 6000 moments of pain. When conservative treatments aren’t resolving your condition, surgical procedures may be necessary. Dr. Nik’s Foot & Ankle Center is guaranteed to solve any foot affliction.

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Foot Conditions We Treat

  • Arthritis

    Arthritis generally refers to joint inflammation. It may be caused by more than 100 diseases, as well as a variety of genetic factors and normal “wear-and-tear.” No matter which of your 30 foot joints is affected, arthritis can be debilitating. We’re here to help.

  • Fractures

    Our lower extremities can handle a lot of pressure; they’re there for us when we walk, run, exercise, and more. That’s why foot fractures can be excruciatingly painful, especially when considering their weight-bearing responsibility. Even minor fractures require comprehensive medical attention in order to heal correctly and avoid future injury.

  • Foot Ulcers

    Foot ulcers are typically the result of excess pressure and develop in patients with poor circulation. These wounds range in depth from surface-level to deep craters at-risk for infection. They tend to develop in patients with diabetes and vascular disease. If left untreated, ulcers are not only painful, but likely to cause extremity amputation.

  • Bunions

    Bunions are painful, bony bumps that develop along the inside of the big toe joint. They may also be referred to as hallux valgus. Certain activities may accelerate their progression, but bunions are most commonly the result of structural deformities and gait abnormalities. Bunions require conscious shoe-wearing decisions, orthotics, and often, surgery.

Treatments for Foot Conditions

Treatments for foot conditions vary from minimally invasive to surgical. Our team will help decide which is right for you.

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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is the newest in molecular biology technology. At our clinic, we use both stem cell therapy and plasma-rich platelet treatment to remedy a variety of disorders. These medical procedures concentrate the healing molecules in your body at sites of injury and pain, allowing you to recover faster.

Foot Surgery

When conservative treatments prove ineffective, surgical means may be necessary. At Dr. Nik’s, we use surgeries to correct an assortment of foot disorders. We may recommend surgery for you if you’re suffering from metatarsal or toe deformities, Achilles tendon disorders, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, or structural weakness.

Local Wound Care

Especially in diabetic patients, it is absolutely essential to seek podiatric medical care immediately. Ulcers run the risk of becoming infected, which more often than not results in amputation. Our local wound care includes removal of any dead skin and tissue, called “debridement,” as well as medication application, dressing of the wound, and ulcer prevention.

Bunion Surgery

A hallux valgus, or bunion, is irreversible. Treatment is imperative to pain-free walking. Splints, orthotics, and better footwear may all be suggested. However, surgery is the most common and often resolves the problem. Depending on the severity, different surgeries are available. Your care provider will discuss all options with you to pick the best treatment plan.

Why Choose Dr. Nik?

Dr. Nik has over 30 years of experience with foot and ankle treatments. Despite the variety of disorders that often manifest in the foot, there are none deemed unsolvable by our team. Dr. Nik is especially talented with innovative bunion surgeries in pediatric patients, which he completed research on.

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Our Podiatry Services

Dr. Nik’s strives to deliver the finest, most cost effective podiatric health care available. If foot treatments and surgery aren’t quite what you need, don’t worry: we do more.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

If you require foot and ankle intervention, our team will help you get up and running again with the best in surgical techniques and technology.

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Sports Medicine

For athletes, we prioritize a preventative approach to limit future injuries and shorten recovery, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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Regenerative Medicine

We seek to minimize your recovery time by optimizing the body’s natural healing process, to get you back to your regular routine sooner.

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Laser Treatment

Traditional methods of treating foot fungus, warts, fibromas, and neuromas don’t work for everyone. Our laser treatment eliminates growths without harming surrounding tissue.

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Custom Orthotics

We pride ourselves in crafting only the best custom orthotics for our patients. Go about your day in comfort as you wear your way to better orthopedic health.

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Diabetic Foot Wound Care

For those with diabetes, we work alongside your internal medicine doctors and endocrinologists to craft a patient care plan that is right for you.

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General Podiatry

Podiatry is a wide field that encompasses a range of disorders. We’re here to help, even if your pain doesn’t have a name yet.

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