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Today’s trends have created a culture of poorly-fitting shoes. Skate shoes and most daily-wear sneakers offer no arch support. Heels, booties, and platform sandals strain your Achilles tendon and aggravate neuromas. So many of us go about our day with foot ailments, and have no intent to treat them beyond basic over-the-counter relief methods. If being on your feet doesn’t feel enjoyable, we’ve got good news: we can take care of that.

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Our Custom Orthotics

There’s a variety of feet, and therefore, a variety of custom orthotics. One of the most common types we offer is rigid orthotics. Rigid orthotics are made of carbon fiber or plastic. Their job is to correct an abnormal gait or foot biomechanics.

Our patients also love our soft orthotics, which are used to alleviate pain and pressure. They have a soft, compressible composition, and tend to be used by those on their feet a lot. Between the two are semi-rigid orthotics. Athletes that need protection, support, and mobility find the perfect balance in semi-rigid orthotics. Additionally, we offer custom orthotics designed for specialized footwear and sporting equipment, like inserts for skates and skis.

Our center also offers orthotics specific to the complicated conditions you’re facing. Diabetes and vascular disease both reduce blood flow to the extremities. Specialized orthotics provide customized support to minimize your circulatory side effects. Neuropathies, neuromas, and fibromas may create tender pressure points and nerve damage in your feet and ankles.

Custom orthotics alleviate discomfort and swelling specific to your condition.

In general, all orthotics give feet the protection and stability you need to go about your day. Nearly eight in 10 Americans have experienced foot problems as a result of wearing uncomfortable and ill-fitting shoes. But there’s no need to give up the footwear you love when there’s custom orthotics, and that’s where we come in.

Conditions We Treat With Custom Orthotics

  • General Orthotics

    We always like an extra helping hand, but we need two working feet. No matter what your daily routine consists of, orthotics can relieve pain, soreness, and pressure. Dr. Nik will evaluate you for foot irregularities, medical history, and gait abnormalities. Every factor is considered when choosing the right orthotics for you. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

  • Diabetic Complications

    Diabetes can cause a multitude of complications. The most common is poor circulation to the extremities, including the feet. A lack of blood flow ultimately causes nerve damage. Without proper nerve function, many injuries can occur without a patient realizing. Orthotics come in diabetes-specific forms to best alleviate chronic condition side effects.

  • Sever’s Disease

    Sever’s Disease, also called calcaneal apophysitis, is a painful inflammation of the heel’s growth plate. It is common between the ages of 8 and 14. Children with repeated stress and overuse on the heel aggravates symptoms of pain, limping, and gait mechanics. Temporary shoe inserts or custom orthotic devices can provide the support necessary for your child.

  • Tendonitis

    Tendonitis is typically the result of overuse. Incorrect biomechanics exacerbate the stress placed on the tendons during movement. Orthotics are most commonly used for posterior tibial tendonitis and Achilles tendonitis. Inserts redirect the field of pressure application, taking strain off the tendons that need to rest.

Why Choose Dr. Nik?

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Nik and his team have an understanding of biomechanics more firm than our rigid orthotics! When you’re afflicted by multiple foot ailments, finding comfort in walking may feel impossible. Our evaluation will help us choose the right shoe inserts for you, regardless of how many places you’re experiencing pain. Every set of orthotics is not only individualized, but integrated for all of your conditions.

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Our Podiatry Services

Dr. Nik’s strives to deliver the finest, most cost effective podiatric health care available. If custom orthotics aren’t quite what you need, don’t worry: we do more.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

If you require foot and ankle intervention, our team will help you get up and running again with the best in surgical techniques and technology.

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Sports Medicine

For athletes, we prioritize a preventative approach to limit future injuries and shorten recovery, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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Regenerative Medicine

We seek to minimize your recovery time by optimizing the body’s natural healing process, to get you back to your regular routine sooner.

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Laser Treatment

Traditional methods of treating foot fungus, warts, fibromas, and neuromas don’t work for everyone. Our laser treatment eliminates growths without harming surrounding tissue.

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Diabetic Foot Wound Care

For those with diabetes, we work alongside your internal medicine doctors and endocrinologists to craft a patient care plan that is right for you.

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General Podiatry

Podiatry is a wide field that encompasses a range of disorders. We’re here to help, even if your pain doesn’t have a name yet.

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