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What is a bunion? It's a change in the bony framework of your toes. The big toe leans in towards the second toe rather than facing forward. As the toe remains displaced, the joint becomes subluxated. This causes a bump that may require surgery. When you need a top bunion surgeon in Los Angeles, look no further than Dr. Nik.

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Bunion Surgery Basics

Bunions are typically caused by the inherited structure of your foot, but certain things can aggravate symptoms. Long periods of standing, excessive high heel use, and shoes with tight toe boxes may accelerate the formation of bunions in those genetically predisposed.

Bunions are progressive, meaning that they do not go away and will only worsen over time. Dr. Nik and his team will assess the degree of deformity via x-rays prior to treatment. Surgery plans are developed on a case-by-case basis, because some bunions progress more rapidly than others.

Bunion removal, also called bunionectomy, typically removes two steps. Step one is cutting the ligament on the inside of the big toe to loosen its inward pull. Step two is cutting off or shaving down bone. Of course, variations in surgery are not uncommon depending on your unique body structure.

The surgical process varies based on severity.

Most patients stay awake for the procedure with anesthesia for just the ankle region of the body. Post-operation, your foot will be bandaged and placed in a velcro boot for four to six weeks.

Benefits of Bunion Surgery


Deformity Correction

If left to progress, bunions become more prominent as the big toe continues to drift towards other toes. With time, you may not be able to bend and straighten the big toe. Surgery realigns the bones for full mobility.

Pain Relief

The misaligned joint means your body weight has been applying abnormal motion and pressure on your big toe. Therefore, bunions may be responsible for redness, swelling, and excess pain. Surgery gives joint relief by removing osteophytes or “bone spurs.”



Wardrobe Freedom

Those suffering from bunions for years may find their shoe collection has become limited to accommodate the abnormal angle of their toes. Surgery gives you the freedom to move however, while wearing whatever!

Our Pediatric Bunion Surgery

Children typically have more serious underlying structural problems that cause bunions, formed without bone overgrowth at the joint. Because bones lengthen from the ends, or growth plates, typical surgeries involve the bone being traumatically broken in the middle to avoid growth interference. Dr. Nik utilizes an innovative pediatric bunion surgery that requires no bone breaking.


Why Choose Dr. Nik?

Dr. Nik has written several publications on bunion surgery for adults and children alike. He has also appeared on ABC Channel 7 News and international television to speak about the condition. The battle with bunions is a tough one, but Dr. Nik has the experience you need to get back on your feet.

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