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No other podiatry practice does it like us! Dr. Nik’s Foot & Ankle staff has been proudly serving the greater Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Our well-rounded clinic includes a wide application of surgery, orthotics, and office procedures. We work hard to deliver the finest, most cost effective foot and ankle health care available.

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Our Approach to Podiatry

Not only does our team have years of experience, but we treat every patient like a neighbor or friend. We know medical problems can be debilitating and frustrating. Our environment is welcoming and honest, so you feel comfortable talking to us about any condition you’re facing.

Here at Dr. Nik’s Foot & Ankle Clinic, we’ve seen enough patients to know that no two are the same.

Each person requires an individualized treatment plan for their unique set of symptoms, and we’re happy to provide it! We’ll get you healthy now, and keep you healthy for years to come with our preventative programs. We also offer special regenerative medicine treatments not available at other podiatry offices. Dr. Nik’s prides itself on being on the frontier of scientific discoveries, so that you’re always receiving the best care options. Patients who have tried everything and felt helpless about their condition reported incredible success following our specialty treatments, like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections.

Meet Dr. Nik

Dr. P. Benjamin Nikravesh, better known as “Dr. Nik” to his patients, is a double board-certified podiatrist with the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery and the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics & Primary Podiatric Medicine. He’s well known for his impressive collection of publications, lectures, radio appearances, national television interviews, and scientific research. Not only has Dr. Nik taken on leadership positions whenever possible during his career, but continues to better the world around him by teaching residents in both surgical and clinical fields. He and his team are here to give you the best treatment plan possible. Trust us; we’ve done this before.

Meet Our Podiatry Team

It takes a village to treat a foot! Dr. Nik’s Foot & Ankle Clinic is made up of people ready to best serve you. Siria is Dr. Nik’s assistant. Podiatric assistants perform a variety of medical tasks, including helping doctors with initial assessments, noninvasive work, surgeries, chronic issues, and injuries. Our office manager, Flora, keeps us running smoothly. She can have you scheduled for an appointment in no time. Jenapher is our biller. Between her and Dr. Nik, your insurance and payment method will be as painless as our procedures.

Visit Our Podiatry Practice

Our clinic is conveniently located on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA. Our location features friendly staff and a variety of therapeutic options. You’re on the go, so we’re here when you need us.


“I learned to live with the pain in my legs and back for a long period of time. I then decided to do something about it after many years and Dr. Nik was recommended as the best. They are right. The man is awesome. I have been walking pain free now for the past 2 months since seeing Dr. Nik. I literally had to re-learn how to balance my weight, body alignment and I do not have any pain in my legs and feet after a long day at work. Thank you Dr. Nik, you are as advertised.”

Gregory V.

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“I want to thank Dr. Nik for saving me on two different occasions. In 2010, a fractured left ankle and last week, a torn ligament and tendons on left leg. He is extremely caring and to the point with the diagnosis and prognosis. Thank you. I appreciate everything you have done for my quality of life.”

Monica T.

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“Dr. Nik is the nicest doctor this side of the Mississippi! He has a great disposition with kids. At our initial office visit my son Miles did not want to leave. Miles looked forward to the follow up visits because Dr. Nik has an ease with kids. Dr. Nik is very knowledgeable in his field.”

Ben P.

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“I've had lingering foot issues on and off for more than a decade, and hadn't found a new podiatrist since moving to LA. I found Dr. Nik through the Blue Shield site and feel like I hit the lottery. He's straightforward and attentive, and I got top notch care.”

Seth W.

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“Dr Payam Nikravesh is the best doctor. Very caring and knowledgeable. He listens and spend as much time as you want. Not like most doctors who give you 5 min to talk. His orthotics are top notch. Friendly office staff. I had a great experience each visit. Will definitely recommend him. Also his products which he made himself is amazing.”

Azi B.

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“Dr. Nik is great at what he does. Loved him! He explains everything and doesn't let you go with doubt. The ladies in the front are so nice and empathetic, they explained my insurance very well. Totally recommend them , they are super good and most importantly im not in pain anymore!!!!”

Doreen K.

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