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If you’ve been recommended for joint replacement due to cartilage loss or suffer from excessive joint pain, you may be a good candidate for the minimal-risk alternative of stem cell treatment. Though proven to be effective in any joint, our team is an expert in foot and ankle stem cell therapy.

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Stem Cell Treatment Basics

Stem cell treatment is revolutionizing the way we treat and heal patients. This remedy uses the Stem Cell Lift® procedure to manipulate the stem cells found in your own existing body fat. Opposite to stem cell treatments that predate this one, your cells don’t need to be manipulated in a laboratory.

You can expect the procedure to be performed under local anesthesia. Mini-liposuction will be used to remove a portion of fat from either the abdomen or thighs. The stem cells are separated out of the fat, concentrated, and activated.

Once activated, the cells are said to be “supercharged.” These supercharged cells, with their incredible healing capabilities, are injected into your problematic joint. The risks are low and the same as any other joint injection: slight bleeding, bruising, swelling, and minimal possibility of infection.

“Supercharged” cells have healed many.

Dr. Nik personally collaborated with Stem Cell Lift® creator Dr. Nathan Newman at the Beverly Hills Orchid Surgery Center. Together, they have worked on a number of patients with arthritic joints, extending the longevity of the joints and preventing surgery. Rest assured: you are in good hands.

Stem Cell for Sport Injuries

Your joints allow you to stay on the go, and their protection and health is of utmost importance. Joint pain can be caused by a multitude of chronic conditions, including both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Adding sports into the mix can put undue pressure on joints, increasing the rate of wear and tear. Sometimes, your joints can’t keep up with the rate of repair and regeneration necessary for you to get your game on. Over time, the cartilage can be worn down, resulting in permanent pain and decreased range of motion. Common symptoms for athletes with joint injuries include pain, discomfort, and stiffness. A single injection of stem cell treatment can reduce all of these issues almost instantaneously.


Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment


Less Invasive

Using stem cells sourced from subcutaneous fat keeps you from undergoing any major surgery. Other cell harvesting sites, like bone marrow, require invasive methods and run the higher risks like any other general surgery. This treatment keeps it surface-level and uncomplicated.

Safe and Proven

Unlike embryonic stem cell treatments, there are no negative long-term effects to worry about when using your own cells. Allergic reactions and antigen-antibody interactions are impossible! Stem cell treatment is simply your cells, helping you.




Stem cell treatment is a relatively fast procedure. There’s no down time necessary, so you can get back to your normal activities the next day. Patients report minimal soreness at sites of injection for a few days, but there’s no need for pain meds. In fact, most people feel immediate relief.

Why Choose Dr. Nik?

Dr. Nik and his team specialize in lower extremity joint degeneration and treatment. While stem cell treatment can be done for any location in the body, our office is the best in foot and ankle renewal procedures. We’re always on the frontier of medicine, and so is your treatment plan.

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