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Your lower extremities can take a lot of pressure. Despite their strength, injuries of the foot and ankle are among the most frequently damaged musculoskeletal components. Your feet have over 50 bones, leaving them susceptible to a variety of injuries. With a multitude of complications, it’s important to seek medical care immediately upon injury.

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Foot & Ankle Surgery Basics

Our clinic specializes in performing reconstructive procedures of the foot and ankle. Dr. Nik and his surgery team will provide both medical and surgical care for a wide spectrum of conditions. Some of these afflictions are common, and others are complex disorders and injuries.

We have experience treating every age group, including babies as young as 6 months old! An evaluation with our team is qualified to detect warning signs and early stages of all medical problems. While most surgeries are for physical genetic foot and ankle deformities, we also perform medical procedures that treat chronic diseases and lifelong impairments.

The healing process varies from patient to patient, as well as depending on the type of surgery. Extensive follow-up care is provided by our team. This includes educating patients about treatments and foot care techniques for the prevention of future problems. You can, generally speaking, expect to be non-weight bearing on the foot or ankle in question for at least 4-6 weeks.

Dr. Nik’s team is committed to keeping your healing process short.

After surgery, we will likely provide or suggest an immobilizer, a stabilizing device, physical therapy, and orthotics in order to not only heal you, but make you healthier than before.

Foot & Ankle Surgeries We Perform

  • Ankle Fusion

    Ankle fusion is a surgery that fuses the bones of your ankle into one piece, also referred to as ankle arthrodesis or triple fusion. The ankle is referred to as the tibiotalar joint by doctors, and it is often affected by arthritis. The cartilage of the two articular surfaces within the ankle can wear away, and minimally invasive surgery can fuse the bones to reduce bone-on-bone interaction.

  • Ankle Replacement

    Ankle replacement is less common than ankle fusion because of its invasiveness. This procedure involves removing the damaged ends of arthritic bone. The articular surfaces are replaced with a metal and plastic prosthetic joint. Though it is a less conservative treatment, it provides a larger degree of mobility. Dr. Nik and his team will determine if ankle replacement is right for you depending on your level of activity and symptom severity.

  • Arch Repair

    Tibialis posterior is the muscle that supports the arch of your foot. Tendinitis and inflammation of this muscle can cause weakness, flatfootedness, and pain on the inside of your ankle. This issue is called tibialis posterior disorder, and may require surgery if it was left untreated for a long time.

  • Achilles Tendon Disorders

    Your Achilles is the tough band of fibrous tissue that connects calf muscles to the heel bone. This tendon is the largest in the body and bears an incredible amount of force. As we age, it can become swollen at either end from normal wear and tear. If unbearable, a small surgical intervention may be necessary.

Why Choose Dr. Nik?

Unlike most podiatrists, Dr. Nik is double board-certified, including certification from the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. His experience with foot and ankle procedures is unprecedented. His expertise is so immense that he continues to pass on his wisdom by teaching podiatric residents at Cedars-Sinai. If you may need foot or ankle surgery, you’re in the right place.

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Dr. Nik’s strives to deliver the finest, most cost effective podiatric health care available. If foot and ankle surgery isn’t quite what you need, don’t worry: we do more.

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