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Hammertoe is when the little toes become abnormally bent at one or both joints, often due to muscle-to-tendon imbalance. Toes may appear tent-like and clawed over time from structural or neurological changes. Surgery may be necessary for severe cases.

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Hammer Toe Surgery Basics

Hammertoes are often aggravated by improperly fitting shoes, thus resulting in corns, calluses, and open sores. Hammertoes do not go away and will only worsen over time, which may require surgery.

To pick a treatment plan, Dr. Nik and his team will take x-rays and review the pathological origins of your pain. Your personalized procedural plan will depend on nerve abnormalities, bone structure, and degree of severity.

Hammertoe surgery may involve several types of procedures. Arthroplasty is the removal of the deformed joint between bone toes (phalanges). Worry not; this makes your joint more flexible and does not hinder movement at all. Arthrodesis is the opposite: your phalanges will be fused together. Arthrodesis is used for increased stability, but reduces mobility. Also possible are tendon transfers and joint resectioning.

A consultation with Dr. Nik will determine what is right for you.

The surgeries are performed outpatient, and the procedure may take up to an hour. Walking should be limited for the first few days following the surgery. Stitches will be removed three weeks post-operation, and keeping your toes wrapped and dressed for about six weeks after that is necessary.

Benefits of Hammer Toe Surgery


Deformity Correction

If left to progress, hammertoes are subjected to crowding, aggravation, and structural deformation. Your flexibility may be decreased as joints stiffen and toes stay swollen. Tendons and ligaments will be cut during surgery to straighten the toe.

Pain Relief

Hammertoes may result in corns on top of your toes from constant friction against shoes, and calluses may form between or under the toes. This recurring rubbing causes inflammation, irritation, pain, and occasionally, open sores. Surgery results in joint relief and removes uncomfortable abrasions.



Wardrobe Freedom

Hammertoes may be limiting you to extra wide and deep shoes. After surgery, you won’t be thinking twice about pain when getting dressed in the morning. Your options are limitless, just like your range of motion.

Why Choose Dr. Nik?

Dr. Nik is a pro with hammertoes, and has been featured on international television to speak about them. Whether you have just one toe that needs noninvasive intervention or several toes in need of surgery, he’s here to give you a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle.

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